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I am Le Pirate

April 9, 2009

Outcries from France’s entertainment industry has prompted the proposal of a Internet piracy bill in the French parliament. The bill seeks to crack down on the illegal downloading of films, music, and TV shows by using government resources to track Internet piracy. After receiving several warnings from the French government, the new bill could also cut off pirates’ Internet access. Special interest groups have erupted over the issue, claiming the new bill creates an unwarranted Big Brother system. French lawmakers are expected to pass the bill.


The Pirate Party

March 10, 2009

The Article:

The Pirate Party, a political (and legitimate) party in Sweden has been gathering increased amounts of interest due to the widely publicized Pirate Bay court case. The Pirate Party holds a “pro-piracy stance” (most unnecessary sentence ever) and has drawn major criticism and negative attention due to its untraditional political nature. Recently, the head of the constituency for the party in Orebro, Sweden participated in a chat session with a newspaper regarding piracy issues and the Pirate Bay trials. Three days later, after his boss saw the coverage, he was fired from his job as an IT consultant.

My Two Cents:

Democracy is founded on the notion that people with conflicting opinions and attitudes can peacefully coexist and tolerate other views. Attitudes that go beyond the traditionally accepted norms are allowed as long as they adhere to laws and regulations laid forth by the courts. Throughout its evolution, democratic countries have come to name certain conditions, attitudes, and beliefs that employers cannot discriminate upon in the workplace. Religion, sexual identity, race, sex, and disabilities are all protected against discrimination. But apparently political party is not. And it’s not just any political party; it’s a party that threatens the very nature of capitalism. It’s not unfathomable to believe that a socialist or anarchist could be fired for his or her political affiliations. However, socialism and anarchism are old beliefs that challenge the system. The age of the Internet issues forth a whole new, unprecedented race of political activism. A party based around piracy is easy to understand. Next, maybe a party on social networking. Then, the IM Party, with close ties to the Texting Party. But would those members be fired for their views? Not unless they question the established notions of what a democracy should be. And when they question those notions, that’s democracy.