UK rules out “three strikes”

The Article:

Summary: The “three strikes you’re out rule” is the idea that three-time illegal IP-users would be cut off from Internet service. The French government has attempted implement this, but so far parliament hasn’t gone for it. The UK government argues that this issue should not be fought through legislation but, according to IP Minister, David Lammy, through “commercial solutions.”

In the end, the solutions are going to be commercial solutions. They are going to be solutions that are about ensuring people pay for content, but the ease of paying is there,” he said.

My Two Cents: It’s an interesting approach and definitely deserves consideration. The US is always trying to regulate through legislation, which so far hasn’t exactly worked. While I don’t know how it is in the UK, the legislative process doesn’t work too well when you have multi-million dollar ISPs lobbying Congress. The education approach the UK government is taking is admirable, but we’ll see how it goes.

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