Pentagon uses Facebook and Twitter

The Artcle:;_ylt=AgkMDdffM7Yp1KJ4kot0fF8jtBAF

Summary: Top military officials are now utilizing social networking tools to reach out to possible recruits, as well as answer questions about current military operations, saying these resources are a way to “reach tomorrow’s soldiers.” Jumping on the trend of online communication and networking, the army established an online and social media division earlier this year as well as a Facbeook page and Twitter account.

My Two Cents: I guess, but what really gets me is using social sites like Facebook to recruit soldiers. I guess it’s no different from going to a carnival and having military recruiters handing out pamphlets, it’s just troubling to see the government infiltrate and use this social tool for its own advancement. But then, again, that’s what the government does best!

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