Taxing digital goods…

The Artcle:

Summary: In times of economic woes, lawmakers are looking for any way to gain revenue, such as taxing digital goods, such as downloads from iTunes. Mississippi is the latest state to enact such a law that, “imposes a sale and use tax on specified digital products–including digital audio-visual works such as movies, digital audio works such as ringtones, and digital books.”

My Two Cents: Understandably, this has sparked a lot of criticism. The tech industry claims that digital goods are more environmentally friendly, and levying a tax would undermine that effort:”The digital economy is growing fast, and the tiny carbon footprint of downloads is something that benefits all of us,” said Steve DelBianco, executive director of NetChoice.

Digital downloads are the most environmentally responsible way to get movies, music and software, and tax policy is one the ways we promote environmentally sound decisions.

In addition, consumers are very adverse to this change. In the economic decline, no one wants to spend more money on things they are already used to for prices. Is this really the way to gain more money, punishing those who are still consuming???

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