Australia Moves to Build High-Speed Network

The Article:

Summary: The Australian government announced that it will build a publically owned high speed broadband network work $31 billion (American dollars). This will be one of the largest state-sponsored infrastructure updates in the world. The Prime Minister said of the plan:

[It is] the most ambitious, far-reaching and long-term nation-building infrastructure project ever undertaken by an Australian government.

A rebuff to private networks, this plan will allow for thousands of jobs but is still perceived as a “major challenge.”

My Two Cents: Australia is not alone in this act. Britain, Canada, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the United States have all included similar measures in recent legislation. It’s an interesting development, the government taking such an interest and responsibility in expanding broadband access. However, the article does not really address if this measure is needed or desired by the people. The article focuses on how innovative Australia is and how its changing the way we think. But since this is a publically-funded endeavor, shouldn’t the public be considered first and foremost???

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