Why it’s ok for newspapers to fail…

The Article: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Why-Its-OK-for-Newspapers-to-Die-66560.html?wlc=1237661800

Summary: The article states that in capitalism, it is natural for large industries to fail as new technology renders their practices obsolete. “Creative destruction” is the term, a “process by which a new technology or structure replaces the old and builds a new infrastructure. This is how progress happens and capitalism moves forward.” Giving the examples of how the car replaced the horse and buggy, the author is confident this change is ok.

My Two Cents: Sigh. Despite being poorly written and researched, this article is just stupid. The author clearly has no conception of how “creative destruction” is STILL DESTRUCTION. Sure, the car replaced the horse and buggy, leading to ease of transportation and efficiency, but it also led to the destruction of the environment. With every “advance” capitalism brings, it bring about 5 steps backward. We cannot say for sure what the future of the Internet holds, but we have a pretty good idea right now. Privacy and security are being compromised every day, thousands living in low income environments don’t have access, and powerful corporations are strangling smaller news sources. Celebrating the death of the newspaper is ridiculous. The Internet may be the future, but it’s not perfect. We cannot allow it to continue on its path of corporate control and advertisement saturation. That’s not the news media a democracy needs.

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