Online Forums Express Most Anger about A.I.G. Bonuses

The Article:

Summary: Ok, so you don’t need a summary of the AIG bonus scandal. What is new is that the most passionate outcry against AIG executives is coming from the Internet, in forums and blogs across teh country. Comments are posted in response to articles but also just independent posts. From Saturday to Tuesday, the NYT reported that 7000 AIG-related  comments were posted in response to the issue, making it among the top issues to garner such volume of responses since the NYT opened readers’ comments to articles in 2007.

My Two Cents: Online forums and posts, despite all their flaws, are valuable for one thing: testing the pulse of the American people. Sure, we were all outraged about the AIG bonuses, but how else (besides Letters to the Editors and maybe call in shows) could this anger be expressed? The Internet community really stepped up here to express their opinion, one that was largely united and together. That’s refreshing.

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