Obama Appoints Net Neutrality Backer As FCC Chair

The Article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10187067-38.html

President Obama nominated Julius Genachowski as chair for the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday. Obama’s former Harvard classmate, Genachowski, is a proponent for Fet neutrality and is expected to push for such regulations. He has previously worked as a counsel in democratic campaigns and is currently co-founder of LaunchBox Digital and Rock Creek Ventures.

My Two Cents:

Woot! Net neutrality is easily the biggest issue facing technology today (well that and privacy and pornography and social accountability and networking, but whatever). The fact that Genachowski is a proponent of Net neutrality is very very promising. Though obviously contrained by the bureaucratic hell that is Washington, D.C., hopefully Genachowski will not lose his current beliefs. It is also looking good because President Obama is very much behind Net neutrality (and he doesn’t even describe the Internet as a series of tubes!) and made it one of his campaign promises. But, his reasoning was that neutrality would promote free and open competition on the Internet. Free and open will never describe the Internet. As long as there’s advertising, there will be unequal powers online. So while the FCC chair’s support of Net neutrality is promising, it’s nothing yet…

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