Bloggers and Unions Join Forces to Push Dems

The Article:

Liberal bloggers and union leaders are teaming up to form a new coalition called Accountability Now, a left-wing equivalent of the conservative Club for Growth. The new organization will strive to solicit donations from their online followers and also recruit liberal candidates to challenge more centrist Democrats in Congress. From the article:

The formation of the group is another step in the evolution of the blogosphere, which has proven effective at motivating party activists to give money and time to political campaigns, especially in local races.

My Two Cents: It’s an interesting step that excites me. Already we can see that Obama’s liberal promises of his campaign have been lost among the bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington politics, so it’s encouraging to see a group try to push for alternative means of liberal voices. The fact that it is bloggers who are leading the way again is a testament to the power they hold. We can only hope that it remains progressive and forward-thinking.

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