Cuba goes open source


Summary: Cuba has banned all Windows OS, moving to its own linux-based software. In an effort to curb American hegemony, the communist government banned the U.S.-designed OS Linux, is an open source operating system (meaning free), and, according to Cuba University’s Information Sciences Director Hector Rodriguez, “closer to the ideology of the Cuban people, above all for the independence and sovereignty.”

My Two Cents: There are two things Cuba is going for here: first, the further cutting of ties of all things American/capitalist, and second, the embrace of a more open, user-oriented, and frankly, better, operating system. Though I am no Linux user, from what I understand, its open source platform makes it amenable and therefore, more open to innovation outside of the corporative computer world. It’s no wonder Linux makes up for only about 12.7% of the market share- it would just make too much sense to switch! (source: Also, it requires an advanced knowledge of computers and such, so its users are usually limited to businesses and computer geeks. (no offense) But it’s interesting that Cuba would push its citizens to this OS with a broader ideology in mind. Of course, our Macs have a broader ideology in mind too: make things simple for people and they won’t care if you’re controlling every aspect of their computer usage…. (as I type this on my MacBook…)

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